About Us

Who we are?

We are ‘sociology4civilservices’. We are a group of highly motivated individuals who wish to provide free of charge sociology courses to the aspirants of the Civil Services Exams. These exams are conducted by both the Union Government and the State Governments. We have good experience in providing sociology optional coaching and guidance for the civil services  and we have taught at various premier coaching institutes in the country. We are a group of individuals who have faced multiple interviews in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Some of us are working with the government or private entities in various capacities. We come from different background but we share a common vision.

What is our mission?

In times of our association with various coaching institutes across the country, we found that a large number of genuine candidates remain out of competition just because they cannot afford the hefty fees of established coaching institutes. This provided us a sense of mission. Therefore, we decided to work for the disadvantaged section of the society to provide them equality of opportunity.

How we intend to achieve our mission?

We provide guidance for the sociology optional. Sociology is a very popular optional in the civil services examination. We have different sociology modules for different exams. This includes Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and various states.  We provide you with sociology lectures notes, videos lectures, and latest current affairs. This website is your one stop solution for your sociology preparation. You can create your account with us by registering on the portal and use the website as per your convenience.

What we need from you?

 All we need is consistency and commitment from your end. This country deserves the best of talent. Many times talent is located in the disadvantaged section of society. Such talent requires identification, support and nurturing. We wish that you derive the best pleasure in your association with us.  Hope that we fulfill your desires and expectations. Happy learning!